Don’t Make #GirlMistakes

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Mistakes are a necessary part of life. How we learn to deal with them determines who we become. While some fail to learn and continue their oblivious trek through life, others take a moment to reflect, figure out what went wrong, and adjust so as never to make that mistake again. Author Grace Amazin decided it was time for a change after taking time to recount her share of mistakes and how they had affected her life and helped her grow. Grace began reflecting on how she overcame the roadblocks in her life and now she shares those experiences with you.
Don’t Make Girl Mistakes: The Dos and Don’ts in Life is more than a mere book. It is a code for girls and women to adhere to in order to grow their lives and become better tomorrow. Compiled from the experiences of a woman who has lived through numerous scenarios and situations, worked with very powerful people, and stepped through all walks of life in her journey, it is the evolution of knowledge and filled with a variety of topics every woman knows. From dating the wrong men, having those frenemies, finding your career, and going after your dreams, Don’t Make Girl Mistakes shows the positive effects of making conscious decisions.
Don’t Make Girl Mistakes is the perfect resource for every woman AND the men associated with them! We are all bound to make mistakes. It’s how we deal with them that determines who we are and who we will be.

13 reviews for Don’t Make #GirlMistakes

  1. Kyendra Tucker

    Don’t Make Girl Mistakes draws you in from the very first page!! The author gives you the raw, the real, and the uncut truth in every chapter, as she takes you on a journey through those common “GirlMistakes. It’s a phenomenal emotional ride, that will give you all the feels!! You will surely laugh, cry, shout, smile, and root for all of the characters in the book. The writer gives young women and men a roadmap to follow through life; a cautionary, positive well-written guidebook, by sharing scenarios with her readers, to teach them how to navigate through both personal and professional situations. You will finish the book feeling full – more hopeful and knowledgeable, and ready to recognize all the game that is thrown your way! This book is for everyone and will be a classic in no time! A must read for sure!!!

  2. Linda

    Love the straight forward approach the author has in offering common sense advise every woman should follow. A good book worth the read.

  3. Steve_M

    The author in her book tries to educate other girls on what to do to avoid making unnecessary mistakes in their lives. One of the main mistakes that girls/women make is using their emotion and not logic which may result in them being treated less than the queens that they are. The information in the book is very straightforward and educative and should be read by every girl. This book is exciting and full of scenarios that most women can relate to. Definitely a must read, especially for females who want to learn how to maneuver through life being smarter, become successful, while avoiding making unnecessary #girlmistakes. What an amazing job from Grace Amazin!

  4. Paul Broome

    My first reaction was less than positive, but the more I read “Don’t Make #Girl Mistakes,” the more I liked it. The tone was offsetting, but I think given Ms. Amazin’s audience, one that works. She’s talking to girls who, with a college degree or not, want to get out there and get the job/career they want.

    Ms. Amazin’s advice concerning men is basically the same advice girls hear on the street, i.e., don’t sell yourself short. Don’t fall in love with the first guy who flips you a ring he bought at the pawnshop, sort of advice. And frankly, I think girls need to hear that even now in the millennium.

    I liked the earthy tone and straight-forward advice. Very well done! Five stars!

  5. Judy Bishop

    I liked this book and its message. Plenty of tasty nuggets well worth considering, especially for young women finding their way in the world. Author is straight-forward and honest, but provides sound advice. Recommended.

  6. jason laureno

    I like Grace. She takes care of business, follows her own advice, and wants to be the rising tide that lifts all boats. This is a great introduction to a can-do woman who wants to share what has worked for her.

  7. charmayne ortega

    This book is a game-changer! 2020 the WORST year of my life (no surprise!!!!) hittin brick walls and work a total nightmare! But I figured it outt! I was being basic to.the.core. The first time I read this (Yeah I read it more than once!) its like I actually had my eyes open. This book MAKES SENSe!! Feel like 2021 I’m focused on being on top of my game again. Getting my mojo back! Already been telling my friends about this! Fr pick this up.

  8. Michele

    Direct, and honest, no-bs self-help. I work in the finance sector and I’m satisfied with my career and professional life. Unfortunately, when it comes to dating it seems like there is something wrong with me. I’ve looked at other self-help books but most come across as very sterile and impersonal. Reading through ‘Don’t Make Girl Mistakes’ I could feel the author’s personality on every page. Her candor and honesty is refreshing and her advice is relevant, helping me to finally recognize the warning signs I ‘ve been missing when it comes to finding the right guys to date. Since reading I’ve learned that I need to re-evalate my dating life and avoid the mistake of constantly going after the wrong men. Eye-opening and impactful writing, ‘Don’t Make Girl Mistakes’ is a book for the modern woman.

  9. Alex Miller

    Grace is an absolute tonic! I got this for a cousin and she’s already a total fan! She is a big believer in karma and ‘what goes around comes around’ so when she read what the author wrote about how to give ‘without expectations’ it really clicked with her. I enjoyed reading it myself because as a man it’s good to learn how women think, besides the writing is easy to follow. An interesting, engrossing new book, could be an ideal stocking filler!

  10. D. B. Rose

    Written in a powerful, authentic voice of real-life experience, this is your home-girl. Ms. Amazin gives very good, solid advice for more than just girls who might be in danger of making mistakes when on the wrong end of an imbalance of power (which, for many of us, is most of the time). She pulls no punches, but refrains from being unnecessarily offensive while still telling it like it is. Highly recommended.

  11. Maggie Stukes

    I’ve always had an interest in self-betterment and personal growth so when I came across this book I thought I’d try it out. ‘Don’t Make Girl Mistakes: The Do’s & Dont’s in Life’ is well-written and the common-sense, conversational style means it’s easy to take in what’s being said. This book talks ‘to’ you instead of ‘at’ you, and I just think it’s really cool that the author is able to share her knowledge and experience like this. This book will definitely make you think twice about how to make moves in your life with logic, just like playing chess.

  12. CC Gallo

    A read filled with tons of examples of do’s and don’ts every coming of age woman needs to read. If you want to get through life a little wiser and make less “girly” mistakes, this can be a great eye-opener self-help type of book. It’s an easy smooth read you won’t regret.

  13. Xaymum

    Reading this book felt like I had a second mother figure in my life. The author really feels like a friend, genuinely helping to guide you through all the different facets of life including being focused in your professional life, how to spot relationships that are likely to go downhill and not work out, and even the idea of ‘frenemies’ and how to be giving without expecting things in return. It’s a great guide told from a down-to-earth perspective. Highly recommend this read!

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